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Method 1 Creating a MyCotra Account
  • Go to
  • Click "Sign up for MyCotra."
  • Provide basic information about yourself.
  • Choose your username.
  • In order to verify your phone number, we will send you an OTP SMS text message with a code. Enter the verification code in the box provided
  • Click "Create my account."
  • Decide whether you always want to be signed in to MyCotra on your computer
  • Or Mobile app you're signed in
Here are 7 steps to getting your MyCotra account set up the right way.
  • Choose a profile name. This is the name you'll be known as on MyCotra (also known as your name).
  • Add a photo of you, not your logo.
  • Complete your bio.
  • Add your Employee address.
  • Set Your Location.
  • Offer a ride or seek a ride.
  • Complete a ride and pay.
  • *Upload relevant required documents
  • *Vehicle documents for Offering ride
  • *Personal document for seeking ride
  • *Click the "Next" button at the bottom of the screen
  • *Click the "Submit" button
Note: For verifying document we need upto 48 hours. Only once verified you will be able to share rides.
  • MyCotra is a car pooling social networking app
  • MyCotra help the vehicle owners to share their vehicle space with others who requested via app.
  • The app will also help the users to know some detail about the vehicle owner before requesting for sharing the vehicle space.
  • They can be friends/family or strangers but without disclosing their contact details more they can have a text chat.
  • Using existing information from a social networking service such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In or Google+, to sign into a third party website instead of creating a new login account specifically for that website.
  • It is designed to simplify logins for end users as well as provide more and more reliable demographic information to web developers.