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Car Pooling
Carpooling is defined as two or more persons sharing their daily commute on a regular basis.
Step 1: Visit and register on-line by providing the system with information about your commuting habits.
Step 2: While on-line, request a ‘match list’. This is a list of matches that the system has determined as compatible based on the information you have provided.
Step 3: Make a connection. Contact those on your match list to determine whether a carpool can be arranged.
In some carpools, each carpool member can take turns and utilize their own vehicles. There are no concrete rules, but each person in the carpool should discuss and coordinate the plan. (See our tips page for further recommendations.)
No, you do not have to carpool all week, but we expect that you will carpool frequently out of a business week which will qualify you for the free Emergency Ride Home Program. You should communicate with the carpool members to come up with a feasible schedule that works for everyone in the group.
You really won’t know if carpooling is a good commuting solution for you until you try it. However, you should go into a carpool with two things in mind. First, you need to be willing to work out a schedule that is convenient for you and the others in the carpool. Second, you should recognize that compromise might be required. For example, if everyone likes to listen to different radio stations, the car radio might not be tuned to your favorite station every day.
The key to long-term success in any relationship includes communication, understanding, respect, honesty and flexibility. Your commitment too
Ridesharing is when several people travel together by car and share the cost of the journey. Every time you take the car together you share the cost of a journey with them. In much the same way, MyCotra connects car owners and co-travellers to share city-to-city or intercity journeys, so that they can share a long distance trip together, and both save money.
No problem. When prompted to provide your driving preferences, simply indicate that you wish to be a passenger only. You can also choose to share driving.
Determine where you will meet, at what time, and how long you will wait for someone who is late. Be on time.
If you know you have to work late on a particular day then don't carpool or make arrangements to take the bus home. Carpooling is meant to be a flexible and convenient arrangement. On those days when it is not convenient, commute to work in another manner. Take the bus, your bike, walk, or bring your own car.
The provision of the Mycotra is dependent on funding from regions and/or institutions. The program is available everywhere in India. If it is available in your area, you will be able to register. If you would like information about introducing the system at your workplace or in your region, please contact us at
Your wallet:
The Automobile Association reports the average yearly cost to operate a car can be as much as 146000 year, or nearly 400 per day! Carpooling can help you offset these costs. The more people you share your commute with, the more you can expect to save.
Your health:
The congestion and volume of traffic on the roads are a major source of stress for many drivers. Studies show that those who commute by means other than a single-occupancy vehicle demonstrate lower levels of stress, higher morale, and lower blood pressure.
The environment:
The environment is everyone’s business. Using fewer cars means less pollution, conservation of habitat, and less demand for new roads and parking lots. Using fewer cars also means less production of greenhouse gases, a major contributor to climate change. Carpool regularly and you can feel proud that you’re helping the environment.
No, is fully funded with regional governments, post-secondary institutions or employers. is free to users.
If your oversleep or are running too late to participate, you should communicate with the group to inform them that you will be driving yourself. It is unfair to ask people to wait for you if you are running significantly late. This will cause your group to be late for work. You must be respectful to your group.
There are many benefits to carpooling. If you are currently driving every day, you’re going to save money on your commute costs by carpooling. Depending on the length of your commute, these savings can be quite significant! You’ll also see less wear and tear on your vehicle because you’ll be diving less. On the days that you don’t drive, you can use the time in the car to read a book, catch up on some sleep, or participate in conversation
We know that security is very important to you. You can be assured that our database is very secure. While online, you will be identifiable to other users only through your first name until you’re ready to make contact with carpool matches.
If you are sick, you should communicate with your carpool group or primary driver. You should develop a plan of action when someone is sick. A good idea would be a telephone tree. If you are the primary driver, you should contact the entire group earlier enough so that they can make other arrangements.
Statistics show carpooling is very safe. However, you must keep your own personal safety in mind. If you are considering carpooling with people you don’t know, you should meet up with them beforehand. This allows you to discuss your ideas and interests on setting up a carpool without obligating yourself to do it. You’ll also be able to assess your comfort level with the other people in a public setting. Always ask questions and trust your instincts. If you don’t feel comfortable about someone, don’t carpool with them. Simply say that you’ve decided that carpooling won’t work for you.
For those rare occasions when you’re sick, late, or the car won’t start, make sure you have a current list of everyone’s home, work and cell phone numbers.
The answer to this question varies from one carpool group to another. In carpools where driving is equally shared, no money needs to change hands as each member is using their personal vehicle an equal amount of time.pricing varies depending on number of persons travelling and cost is dynamic as number of co-travellers increases cost will vary(decreases).As a co-travel when you seek ride an estimated price will be determined.
Try looking in your "junk mail" (or similar) folder as strong spam-filtering email servers may filter out our messages. Consider adding our email address ( to your "safe" list.
Unfortunately, we continue to experience problems with Hotmail, Gmail and some other email providers. Their servers corrupt our activation links on delivery. If this happens to you, please be aware that our system administrator will be notified. We will activate your file and the system will send you a notification and new password so that you may log in and continue. If you experience any further issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Each registrant must verify their email address by clicking a link sent to the email address provided. By clicking the emailed link, users prove that this is an active email address. This ensures our database only contains accurate email addresses. For this very reason, we cannot change your email address. If you wish to use a new email address, you will need to delete the old file and re-register.
Large institutions often process their mail centrally and use that postal code as part of their address -- in other words, not in the building that you work in! Try using an adjacent postal code or address from across the street or a nearby area using Post's site at http://mycotra/.com/public/login. Also, let us know about it by contacting our support centre through our Contact Us link.
No. Unfortunately, some users do not communicate with suggestions that do not interest them. Please consider no response as a decline.
Participants are given regular opportunities to have their file removed from our db. It often takes months or years to find carpool partners that meet specific needs so many stay registered for long periods. Some registrants may also leave their files active because they are always looking for new carpool group members. All matches should be considered active matches.
Outreach and program promotion is a major component of the program. Many employers encourage staff to use If you prefer to match only with co-workers, simply select ‘destination’ under settings. Please note that this can also be very limiting as some employers only have a few registrants. You will achieve better results not using this feature and will still be able to visually screen for matches that are traveling to your workplace.
Check out the Marketing and Promotion sections of our site. We have a variety of materials that can be downloaded for use. If you have specific needs for a promotional event, please contact us at
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