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About MyCotra

  • MyCotra is a carpooling social networking app which helps vehicle owners to share their rides. This app helps the users to know details about the vehicle owner before requesting a ride. It is possible to engage in a text chat without disclosing their identity.
  • Carpooling reduces travel cost like fuel, tolls etc. along with the stress of driving. Carpooling is more environmentally friendly too and indeed a sustainable way to reduce carbon footprint, traffic congestion and the problems related to parking. Authorities often encourage carpooling, especially during periods of high pollution or high fuel prices.
  • Metropolitan cities are struggling with pollution and traffic free, today daily commuting has become a burden to people. Seeing this our founders came up with tiny idea, quitting their jobs started company called “MyCotra” on 19 January 2017 in Bangalore India.
  • MyCotra web portal/app helps the vehicle owners and co riders to register their identity. Where owner share their vehicle space with co riders who requested for ride via MyCotra portal. And also owners and riders can contact through call (VOIP) or text chat.
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  • MyCotra aiming to grow international group providing the complete range traffic management products, services and solutions.
  • The focus of MyCotra's business is to keep traffic in motion and inform and guide the traveller with innovative products and services in order to support the growing mobility needs of society.

“The goal of MyCotra is to help the User’s in intercity to travel with in 45mins from any given source to destination”.


  • Our mission is to help our customers manage mobility and increase road safety with high quality and environmentally friendly solutions while providing a sustainable return to our stakeholders.


Carpooling or Rideshare application in Bangalore has reached new level with unique features like social platform, from MyCotra. Find or offer rides has been easy. Sharing rides helps saving time, money and fuel cost.


Sneha Reddy

Best Rideshare app in Bangalore. travelling with other commuters is fun and meeting new professional every day. Being co-traveller finding rides and scheduling rides has reduced my travelling stress in traffic

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Thank you MyCotra for making my travel easy with carpool app.Travelling with friends & colleagues help me beat the traffic time and save money on my daily commute. Ridesharing helped to contribute to environment.